Sunday, 1 March 2015

Investing in Mary Ann Johnson Housing Co-op

Appeal for Loanstock and Donations – Ends 31 August 2016
Mary Ann Johnson Housing Co-operative needs money to grow – your donations or loans can support a radical, sustainable community-based project!

You can donate to us or apply for Loanstock by downloading our Donations and Loanstock Application Form which has all the information you need to apply or donate.


Mary Ann Johnson housing co-op currently owns two properties in Tottenham, home to five of our members as well as a thriving office which is used by local community groups. Our aim now is to buy another property to provide secure housing for our last insecurely housed member. To make this happen, we need to raise about £50,000 in the form of loanstock investments or donations. We are therefore appealing to all those able to contribute towards sustainable housing, the co-operative ethos and a better society, to help our radical project to grow!

Establishing affordable co-operative housing in London poses unique challenges due to inflated property prices. However, our co-op members have long-standing connections to this area of north London, and a long history of involvement in residents’ groups, and community projects and campaigns. We have made a promising start with our first house and want to extend this further to show that the principles of a better society, such as tenants having control over their housing, can be established even in the most challenging conditions.

Donations to our project would be gratefully received and should be regarded as a socially useful investment. Alternatively, we are seeking loanstock, the principal source of funding for many small co-operatives. This is a form of fixed-term loan made by groups and individuals to the co-operative. Rather than being paid back in instalments, the total amount borrowed will be repaid at the end of the agreed term.
We welcome investments of any size and would prefer loans with fixed terms ranging between 5 and 20 years. With interest rates being what they are at the moment, we would normally offer 0% interest, but we are happy to negotiate on an individual basis with each potential investor. Any investment made with us will be managed through a contract. Updates about our project and activities will be available on request (and on our website!).

We are a long-established group, who have had to overcome many obstacles to get this far, and have now gained valuable experience in buying, converting and managing properties. We are confident that our determination and resilience as a group, as well as the support we get from our membership of Radical Routes, a national network of co-ops working for social change, will enable us to realise our dreams – but your generosity is needed to make this possible!
Investing in Mary Johnson Housing Co-op is an investment in social change through sustainable housing, community-based politics and the possibility of a better future.


If you would like to make a donation or apply for Loanstock, you can download our Donations and Loanstock Application Form which has all the information you need to apply or donate to us directly. Thank You!!!

If you want to know more about the co-operative and discuss in more detail how to invest with us, fill in our contact form here (link opens on a new page)